About the club


The association “Balkan Extreme” Club is a non-governmental, non-profit and non-party association which is founded for indefinite period of time for the sake of:


1. Raising the ecological consciousness of citizens, fighting the climatic changes and pointing to the importance and preservation of natural and cultural resources;

2. The development of receptive tourism in Serbia and pointing to the importance of sustainable development of tourism;

3. The promotion of quality spent free time among youth, the promotion of sport and recreation by organizing educational workshops and camps;

4. The development and promotion of specific forms of sports tourism with special interests (adventurous above all) in Serbia;

5. Active engagement in the area of youth politics, advocacy for the improvement of the position of youth, the encouragement of youth activism and mobility, the education of youth and other forms of working with young people and for young people;

6. The strengthening of cultural and creative sector/industries by providing relevant competence and knowledge, encouraging modern creativity and using digital technologies, stimulating the mobility of cultural actors and artists, working on the development of audience and in other ways;

7. The promotion and presentation of cultural inheritance and library activity, the contribution to the preservation, research, availability and sustainable usage of cultural inheritance, working on the digitalization of inheritance and the education of relevant actors.


The association will achieve its goals by following clearly made development strategy.


-The formation of the unique database on adventurous tourism in Serbia;

-The cooperation with the responsible ministries of sports and tourism, universities, relevant organizations, similar associations in the country and abroad;

-The creation of sport-tourism arrangements which include different adventurous activities, the organization and performance of those arrangements for the members of the Association, in accordance with the law;

-The creation and performance of the hiking, mountaineering, educative actions and programs in order to promote healthy lifestyle and the development of sports among young people;

-The organization of volunteer actions with the aim to protect the environment;

-The internet marketing – forming the web portal;

-The organization of seminars and workshops, professional and research projects related to the area of its work, in accordance with the law;

-Publishing the publications related to the area of its work, in accordance with the law;

-The research and transfer of the values and practices from the area of environment preservation to all social-economic factors with which the association cooperates, especially young people;

-The encouragement to use ecological solutions;


“Balkan Extreme Club” was established on 31.05.2017, with the head office based in Vlasotince, 16210, Milorada Velickovica St, 73.


The association’s goals

The main goal of the association is the promotion of bicycle as a mean of transportation and sports instrument, the promotion of cycling, city and mountain cycling (amateur), as a precondition for a healthy life.


We want to point at:


  • Cycling tracks which are really necessary – we do not have any in our town;
  • The promotion of bicycle as a mean of transportation;
  • The cooperation with other sports associations which support the goals of our association;
  • The get-together of children, youth and other persons who want to do cycling;
  • The organization of promotional sports manifestations;
  • The achievement of convenience when buying spare parts, servicing and buying new bicycles for the association’s members;
  • Raising the traffic culture among the youngest members of our society, starting in pre-school;
  • The organization of cycling excursions in nature and raising the ecological consciousness of the citizens for the preservation of nature and its resources.

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